To encourage Biblical civil governance in accordance with the reformed faith of our Puritan forefathers at the local community level


General Recommended Procedures

1.      Reformation Party voting members may volunteer to coordinate a Campaign for Community Biblical Governance in their own local community.

2.      A coordinator may begin by identifying people in his local community who are at least favorable to Biblical civil governance, even if they may not yet be in full agreement with the Reformation Party.  These people become the “mailing list” for the local Reformation Party campaign coordinator.

3.      The coordinator assesses the local situation and identifies certain more achievable immediate goals to work on in his local government, lobbying the current magistrates and keeping the “mailing list” informed of the progress (such as through a newsletter).  The coordinator may at appropriate times even encourage some of those on the “mailing list” to show up at local civil council meetings to lobby for some of these goals.  The coordinator lets the “mailing list” know what to pray for.

4.      The coordinator may attend local civil council meetings and gets to know the local civil government leaders, engaging them in informal discussions as well as more formal lobbying efforts.

5.      The coordinator also may engage the “mailing list” in discussions about what the Bible teaches regarding Biblical civil governance, and how the glory of Jesus Christ and His moral law the Ten Commandments are central.  The local community can be engaged to consider the Biblical doctrines and the reformation goals of the Reformation Party, and we can pray that by God’s grace they may come to embrace them.

6.      If and as appropriate, the coordinator may in time run as a candidate (likely a write-in candidate) for local office, especially once the previous groundwork has been laid, in which he has identified a body of local voters favorable to the cause.

7.      The local coordinator may work towards forming a local or regional chapter of the Reformation Party, converting a Campaign chapter into a Party chapter once there are at least 10 Reformation Party voting members in the chapter.  Such a Reformation Party Chapter can then have its own elected local/regional Reformation Party Council of Officers. 


Current Volunteer Community Coordinators

Current Reformation Party Members who have volunteered to coordinate a Campaign for Community Biblical Governance in their community:

·         Mark Hausam – Orem, Utah Chapter

·         J. Parnell McCarter – West Michigan Chapter (

·         Chris Myers – Harrisonburg, Virginia Chapter

·         James Wanliss – Upstate South Carolina (  



Repository of Community Biblical Governance Ideas

Reformation Party members may share and suggest ideas and agenda items that may be helpful to other local Campaign coordinators at the Facebook group at  .  On this webpage we shall seek to display some of those ideas.  For example, one idea might be to seek a tax on various commercial transactions on the Lord’s Day, as one initial step towards trying to discourage unlawful commerce on the Lord’s Day.