From time to time the Reformation Party may sponsor a petition drive to petition certain leaders in a Biblical direction.  The current petition is as follows:


A Petition to Reformed Ministers of the Gospel


The national elections are now over, and God in His providence has given us elected officials. But the Church's role to call all men to "kiss the Son", and especially civil magistrates, is not done.  As fellow reformed believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we would petition you to support the view and to proclaim it in your congregation and to your local community and its civil rulers that it is the right and duty of the smallest community to the largest nation to uphold the Ten Commandments of Jesus Christ within its jurisdiction. God and His Ten Commandments - both tables of them - are the supreme authority. 


Reformed ministers have a unique role in the proclamation of Biblical truths, including this one, for the "church is the pillar and ground of the truth". 


This petition is being sponsored by the Reformation Party, but signers of this petition include those who are not members of the Reformation Party as well.  If you would like to add your name to this petition, to be presented to reformed ministers in the USA and beyond, please email and so indicate your desire to have your name added.  (Please be aware that this will be publicly available.)