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Dr. John Calvin's treatment on the Civil Magistrate in his Institutes

The Civil Magistrate’s Duty

Is there Hope in our Petitions?

Learning from the Nineveh of Jonah's Day

Practically Applying Reformed Christian Politics

Sample Letter to Local Civil Officials

Learning From Dutch Bible Belt Communities

Rome and Politics

Sample Speech Before Local Civil Officials

Our Political Message Should First and Foremost Be The Gospel and Its Biblical Implications

Reformation Party Covenant

Should We Despise "The Day of Small Things" in Church or State

God's Use of the Political Party 'Lords of the Congregation' in the Reformation of 16th Century Scotland

Following the Example of the Reformed Political Party (SGP)

RP Official Minutes for OCTOBER 28, 2017
2017 Reformation Party Essay Contest Winner Is.....
RP Official Minutes for FEBRUARY 18, 2017
Our First Essay Contest
RP Official Minutes for NOVEMBER 12, 2016
RP Official Minutes for SEPT 12, 2015
RP Official Minutes for MAY 16, 2015
Fast and prayer day - last week of May
Note From Current Officer Mark Hausam:
Download, signing and mail the covenant...
Now it is time to begin to prepare for the 2015 term.
Resource: The Establishment Principle (External Link)
Signing of the Reformed Party covenant
New Tracts for Your Church's Booktable
Council of Officers for 2014 Term (results)
Attacks Against the Reformation Party/Response

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